To produce your excellent Lionheart custom apparel, please supply the following:

- Specific Garment Details
- Design and Colours
- Sizes, Player Numbers (where applicable)
- Team Logos, including any additional logos
- Delivery Address, payment details, Tax Id. (where applicable)
Specific Garment details:
Many of the LHS products have customizable options, such as; size fits, sleeve types, leg openings, collars, pockets, etc. Please make us aware of any specific options required.
Design and Colour:
Please choose the garment design from the available options. Or, work with us to design your own. We can produce almost any garment to your colour specifications. 
Fit, Sizes, and Numbers:
Pick your specific garment fit and let us know the sizes required. Also, please supply us with corresponding player numbers if needed.

Team Logo:
If a team logo is required on a garment, please provide the corresponding logo information, image, and vector artwork if possible.

Vector based images such as AI, SVG, or EPS files are the best types of files to ensure proper logo reproduction. If these are not available, high quality JPEGs can be used to replicate logos.
Additional Logos:
If additional logos are required, such as a second team logo or sponsors logos, please send the appropriate information for the respective logo type. Requirements are same as team logos.
Delivery Address – Tax Id USA
Please advise LHS of the final delivery address including phone number. For orders where the final delivery address is in the USA, an Importer Tax ID (or Social Security number) is required.
This information if required for shipment records.
Once all the other information on the garments has been submitted, a finalized quote will be generated. A 50% deposit (payable via credit card or cheque) or a Purchase Order is required to process the order. Garment production will not begin until both the email confirmation of the final proof and the 50% deposit or PO is received.
Lead Times
The approximate lead times for all custom LHS apparel are 5 – 7 weeks, or 2 – 4 weeks for custom socks. The lead time begins upon final confirmation and once deposit payments / PO’s have been received.